UPDATE: The Keeper of the National Historic Register has declared the building eligible!! Look in Latest News for more.

The City of Dallas Department of Aviation has taken steps to try and tear down this historic piece of Dallas history. Their track record for historical preservation proves they do not care about honoring those who contributed to Dallas aviation history. Please help us save this historic building by supporting our efforts to designate this building a state historic landmark.

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In 1955 Braniff International Airways experienced unprecedented growth in its operations. To support this effort, Braniff announced a $6.5MM project to expand its operations base to the Lemmon Avenue side of Dallas Love Field. The announcement set off a $20MM development chain that was sponsored by the issuance of revenue bonds by the City of Dallas. A groundbreaking was held March 21, 1957 and the building was dedicated on October 7, 1958.

The marquis building was to become the Braniff Operations and Maintenance Base, a 450,000 square foot facility that would employ 1,750 highly skilled workers in all aspects of flight. Its construction by famed Los Angeles futurist architects William Pereira and Charles Luckman serves as the only example of such style in Dallas.

Occupied by Braniff Airways until the bankruptcy forced a split in December of 1983, it was then operated by a division of Braniff called DalFort Aerospace. The company was eventually sold and the building has been empty since 1993. In 2012, the City of Dallas has indicated its intent to demolition the building in favor of new development.